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cluster group resources

Hi, I’ve got my Win2003 cluster up and running.
I’ve created a new cluster group "SQL Server". What resources do I need to add to it? My main cluster group ("Cluster Group") has a "Cluster Name" and "Cluster IP" resource.
I’d like to access SQL server using the same name and IP address. Is this possible or do I need to add a different name/ip for the "SQL Server" group? Also, I have 3 shared arrays available. I want to put one DB on the first array, another DB on the second array and all transaction logs on the third array. Do I add these disk resources to the SQL group prior to install? Thanks for your help and advice!!!

Create your disks and make them available to Windows. Then put at least one in the SQL Group. When you install SQL you have to assign a new networ name and ip address (not optional). You will also have to specify at least one drive for the SQL data files, select teh drive you created above for this. All of these resources will then be available in the SQL group. BEFORE doing any of the above you must install MSDTC, this too requires it own network name and IP address – put these in the main cluster group (it’s not recommended to use the SQL group). You can use the Quorum disk for thsi if needed. I recommend you read this before you start: After you install SQL you can always add more disk by putting them in the SQL group and adding them to the SQL Service dependacies in cluster admin. Simon