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Cluster or NonCluster Index

Dear All: I am not a DBA in SQL Server but I use to be one in Informix that is why I need to ask if any of you recommend the use of clustered or non-clustered index as a general rule, I didn’t found any documentation about this, MS papers only provides some guidelines but I need to have a clear idea about the cost of a clustered index in a server versus a non-clustered index. Could you please give me some information or personal experience about this thing. Thanks in advance
That brings many possibilities in SQL Server and you’ve plenty of information in this regard on thi website, for sample follow:…ticesnotusingprimarykeysandclusteredindex.asp Satya SKJ
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How do you define "cost"?
Anyway, see if this helps:;EN-US;311826;EN-US;814324;EN-US;325024;EN-US;820209

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