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Clustering and Database Restoration

I am new to clustering and SQL 2005. I am in the process of reading up on this topic and had a question about restoration. How does the database restoration on a cluster if a database gets corrupted? Do you have to do anything special. Also where can I get more information on restoring a node if one of the node fails? Or how i reinstate a node if it fails? Thank you
If the database is corrupt need to restore from the previous good backup…it is the same for cluster and non cluster servers… If there is any issue SQL server will failover to other node and you need to fix the node based on the issue you got… SQL Server 2005 Failover Clustering White Paper…dc-a17b-4f09-b282-c6830fead499&DisplayLang=en SQL Server 2005 Books Online
How to: Create a New SQL Server 2005 Failover Cluster (Setup)
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True and there is nothing much difference apart from providing high-availability on a server wide using cluster, as far as the database administration tasks are concerned no change is expected. Satya SKJ
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