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cmdExec doesn’t work

I try to call calc.exe from SQL server as a test. I created operation system command job
and try to execute it :
C:WINNTSystem32calc.exe It will start but stay in a stage "executing" foreware untill I cancel it what am i doing wrong? Thank you
Okey I was able to execute it using
start C:WINNTSystem32calc.exe
But still do not see callculator
Only job is completed successfully
You cannot invoke interactive GUI applications like calculator, using SQL scheduler. But, you can still test it from the task manager on this server. There should be a calc.exe process running under task manger.
I think you’ve asked this question earlier, try the following:
From EM–> Management –> SQLAgent –> Jobs and new job —> job step -> edit job step -> type -> select Operating System command (cmdexec) ‘calc.exe’. But its not a good practice to run OS oriented EXE from sQL server process. Satya SKJ
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When I use this : start myprogram.exe /wait it will start my exe and wait until it finish. Actually calc.exe I used for testing only.