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Collation error in enterprise manager

We recently upgrade from SQL 7.0 to 2000 and some collation issues caught us by surpirse. A number of stored procs using tempdb were failing. As we did not find these until we were live we tried the quick fix of updating the collation in the syscolumns tables as well we as updating the compatibility setting. Well everything works fine in production now, except that when we try to open a table in enterprise manager we get the famous can not resolve collation conflict for equal to operation when we double click a table. We can click throug the error and get to permissions, but no columns are vailable for display or modification. My guess is we have messed something up in the sys columns tables? I have not found anything on issues with collation and enterprise manager? Any ideas? I am tempted to tell my DBA to backup the data, retore master, reset collation and go from there. Are there any other options? Thanks in advance. Rob Adams
Check the collation for system database are similar as tempdb will use the collation of model database. You can set the collations used in queries to compare, check books online for syntax.
Using SQL 2K you can change/set collation on database/table/column level by using ALTER statement and this will affect for new data, for the existing one you can take help of dts to export/import. Refer to this MSDN link for more information. _________
Satya SKJ