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Column encryption

Hi, I#%92ve just started to look into encrypting our databases to bring them into line with new regulations (we offer a credit and debit card payment processing service). The solution must run on SQL 2000 (clustered), with log shipping to a DR server. At the moment I#%92m not sure whether I’m going to go for encrypting the whole database, or just the sensitive columns. We also may need to be able to audit and control access to particular columns whilst allowing access to the rest of the table. I would like to minimise any redevelopment, as well as having the usual minimal impact on performance and wallet! I have looked at several different companies who offer off the shelf solutions, (hardware and software) and they all seem to vary widely in cost, is this a “you get what you pay for” situation or are there good and bad deals for the same end result? I quite like the look (and name!) of the Encryptionizer from Netlib, has anyone used this in production? If so, what do you think of it? If anyone else has been through this I#%92d appreciate any advice you could offer. Cheers Dave

what about using binary type field – Fyi. Satya SKJ
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