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Combine OLAP and OLTP in one cluster?

I am helping to plan a system that will require three main database elements:
– OLTP database with modest load/size
– OLTP consolidation database combining data from multiple sites
– OLAP reporting database We were looking at a two-cluster system (each cluster having 2 servers) + one SAN for shared storage. But I need to explore some options… Database clusters: these were planed as failover clusters with one server in each pair as a warm-standby. Given that there are two pairs, could we use the active OLAP as the dormant OLTP and vice versa? I haven’t found any encouragement in the literature but no harm in asking! Shared SAN. Some of the MS docs warn that you need complete isolation between the storage subsystems for the two databases. What is your experience/recommendations? Thanks
Have you considered what will happen when the node is failed to another node, is that OLAP will be failed over too. The problem is requirement is rare and limited help available on the web, I suggest to refer to the Microsoft support in this case for a complete reference. Satya SKJ
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