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Combining Columns

Is there a way in SQL Server to create a column that is comprised of two other columns? E.g
Column1 = FirstName
Column3 = FirstandLastName
Is there some formula which will automatically add to column three when 1 and 2 have been populated?
Make it a computed column and create a function based on column1 and column2. e.g. create function dbo.ConstructFullName(@first varchar(50), @last varchar(50))
returns varchar(101)
return @first + ‘ ‘ + @last
end NB. if either @first or @last are NULL then the result should be NULL. Then just put dbo.ConstructFullName(Column1, Column2) as the function for your computed column. Dave. Ask a SQL Server Question
Being a new comer to SQL Server, how do I make it a computed colum and creat the function as you said?
Refer to the books online and this link for information. Satya SKJ
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