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Commit small chunks of Data for Large Data Sets

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Currently: Online When inserting large number of rows into SQL Server 2000 database, we need to commit the transactions of small chunks of data instead of updating/Inserting of large dataset. commiting small chunks of data clear any system resource issues such as memory and CPU utilization. Updating/Inserts of large data sets always a problem to memory. I have to insert 85,000,000 records to a table in a transaction and have limited resources. So I want to use commit statement in transaction so that commits trasactions for every 25,000 records. If any one knows T-SQL script for this process please help me. If you need more information please feel free to ask. Thanks, BK Bhushan Kalla
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As usually it depends on requirments details you haven’t provided. Assuming you have source 85 M table with identity column the fastest solution (afaik) that commits for up to 25,000 rows per iteration (because there may be gaps in identity values) is: declare @minID int
declare @maxID int
declare @batchStart int
declare @batchSize int set @batchSize = 25000 select @minID = min(id), @maxID = max(id)
from sourceTable set @batchStart = @minID while @batchStart <= @maxID begin
insert into DestinationTable(….)
select …
from sourceTable s
where between @batchStart and @batchStart + @batchSize – 1 set @batchStart = @batchStart + @batchSize
You may also add an error handling code.