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Community Portal-Performance Issues

Hi Folks I have been asked performance and multi users issues involve for community portal web site (such as with SQL Server 2005 back-end database. so, I need your’s expert advice and guidelines about what approach should be follow for this type application and database. Thanks in Advance,
Are you facing any performance Issue!!! Refer below articles to start with Performance Audit Performance Tuning Regards Hemantgiri S. Goswami
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Thanks Hemant.. I have studied these articles as well as others available on the site and other site… I want to share advice(practical if possible) from the experts from the forum…
I hope that someone share their experience and guideness regarding the subject. sonny
As referred by Hemant you can easily go with the first link about performing audit on the new SQL Server, as it relates to SQL 2000 it will be still applicable to SQL 2005. As I have performed and will be performing for all the new SQL SErvers that will be introduced to me for a review. Satya SKJ
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Thanks guys…. let me do it and if i require any help I will as again… sonny