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Comparing stored procedures from two database

Hi GURUs! Is there a way that you can find out all the stored procedure been modify in one database in SQL SERVER 2000? so that I know which stored procedure need to update in the other database, know what I mean? Thanks in advance!

Yes, but using some 3rd part software.
Look ours sponsors to find it.
Luis Martin
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Thanks Luis… Is that the only way?
you can script the SPs and use a text file compare utility such as Beyond Compare to do it semi-manually. But there are other 3rd party products which’ll do a better job of it for you. Microsoft Visio, for example, does a decent job of this kind of thing. Tom Pullen
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I believe SQL Compare from Red-gate also does the similar job, as mentioned by Tom if you’ve time and patience do it manual way otherwise spend to get third party tool for ease. Satya SKJ
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???? Script the two databases out, dump into SourceSafe in two seperate directories. Then use the command line utility to give you a list where they’re different or just compare them? MeanOldDBA
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