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Concept of logshiping’s restore job

I am testing the logshipping feature in SQL 2K5 and like to know a little more in depth about the way of how the restore job will work in the secondary server. Here is the setup in my logshiping setup. Server A is primary. Server B is secondary. The shared folder is on server B. The backup job from server A will directly back up the db and log to that shared folder every 15 minutes. The copy file job and restore job will run every 15 minutes with a 1 hour delay. And the delete old copies file is set to 1 day. Here are questions. 1. During the setup of my logshipping, I told the logship wizard to back up the db and log to that shared folder directly, do I still need that copy file job that the wizard created? I know I am doing this a little differently than the suggested setup which is to back up the db to local drive or a shared drive on a different server but the way I did will save me some logship processing time. 2. Say I need to disable the restore job in server B for 2 days. Obviously the transaction log backup file will start piling up in the shared folder. Will the ‘delete old copies file after 1 day’ feautre starts deleting the transaction log backup files even they haven’t been applied yet? Secondly, say 2 days later, I enable the ‘copy files and restore’ jobs, let’s say the shared folder has 100 tranlog backup files at that time, will the restore job restores all 100 tran. log backup files in sequence within one job execution? I used to create my own logshipping script in SQL 2K so I know what is going on inside of my logshipping script. the logshipping in SQL 2K5 is very handy but I lost the details part because I can’t see what is inside of each log shipping job. Any answers to the above questions is very much appreciated. Wingman
1. If the SQLAgent has got relevant privileges on that specified path and it is identified when using the wizard then it will complete the setup.
2. If in case it is better to stop the log shipping and restore the database backup than wait until the 100 files restore. Satya SKJ
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