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Configuring performance monitor

Hi !!! I am newbie with SQL and experiencing performance problems. Reading the document How to Perform a SQL Server Performance Audit from this site, there is a step to configure the Performance Monitor to monitor the server during 24 hours. How can I setup the performance monitor to do this?
Thanks for help a newbie. Héberson Sette de Almeida

Start/Run/type "perfmon" Go to "Performance Logs and Counters"
Right-click on "Counter Logs"
Add appropriate Objects or Counters
Select interval
Go to "Log Files" tab and setup the log file (I prefer tab delimited)
Hit Apply If you click on Counter Logs now, you will see that you have a new automated counter. It will save to the appropriate text file. You can setup a process in SQL Server to pull this into a table if you wish and set email alerts, etc. In addition, you can use the Alerts section in perfmon to setup automated emails based on all kinds of things.
–Processor reaching a certain point.
–Disk drives filling up
–etc. etc. etc MeanOldDBA
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Thank you for the information I already schedule to run and soon will analyse the generated file. Héberson Sette de Almeida