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Conflicting Startup Time

Last night we rebooted a server to undo the /3gb switch. The shutdown time in the Sql Server log errorlog.2 is: 2005-06-12 21:55:26.48 server SQL Server terminating because of system shutdown. The startup time is errorlog.1 is: 2005-06-12 21:54:31.28 server Microsoft SQL Server 2000 – 8.00.1011 (Intel X86)
I checked the server time and couldn’t fine any discrepancies.
The only other symptom was MSDTC was online but I was getting failures on all my distributed transactions. Thoughts?
I can’t tell you what’s causing your issue from the information you have posted. What edition and service pack of SQL SErver is this though? Looks like you need to apply some service packs. MeanOldDBA
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Check system event logs.. and let us know, if you have same discrepancies !! Deepak Kumar –An eye for an eye and everyone shall be blind
some times i also have faced the same issue though i have installed Service Pack 3a and Patch … any Idea ? Regards. hsGoswami
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