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Confused about result set counts?!

select *
into aetna_20050515_8888888
from aetna_20050515
where NABPNO = ‘8888888’ COUNT: 1426
Delete from aetna_20050515
where NABPNO = ‘8888888’ COUNT: 1210
I’m confused too. I test it and no problem at all. Luis Martin
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Yeah i dont understand it either… I insert a copy of records that are to be removed (select into…) i double check the new table count(1426). Then go back and delete the records… but do not get the same count(1210).
Hi dconallen,
I feel its not possible but check for rowcount after each operation or else update statistics and check the count(*) and not rowcnt from system table.
sounds that you might have set rowcount value. If so then dont forget to set that to 0 at the end Set Rowcount countvalue
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