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Connect SQL Server 2000 in Power Builder10 for JSP

I need to connect to an existing SQL Server 2000 database to access the same from Power Builder 10 for developing Web Datawindows for JSP. Anyone, please help me. How can I connect at the time of development environment & directly through script? Please suggest it by using OLEDB. Thanks a lot in advance… B. K. Das
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Have you tried the JDBC interface to connect to a database? I think it works on Sybase, but not too sure about SQL Server. Try reading this as well. It suggests using OLE-DB or ADO.NET…6a2db45a6210f1c?sa=X&oi=groupsr&start=1&num=2
What you have suggested is working fine in Power Builder 10 (i.e. JDBC, OLEDB and ADO.NET) for SQL Server 2000 for application development. But, need the connectivity during Web Page development using JSP in Power Builder. i.e. i need the Power Builder JSP Script to connect to MS SQL Server 2000 Database. B.K. Das