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Connect to an instance of SQL Server

I have three instances of SQL Server on my test server. One is the default and the others are A and B. The default instance is using port 1433, the A port 4354 and the B is using 3537. From my computer I can connect to both default and A using the EM or QA. But I cannot connect to the instance B. I am using sa and even changed the sa password on the insance B but still I have deficulty to connect. Is it related to the port number? I have tried both IP and Machine Name but no progress. It says SQL Server does not exist or access denied. Any idea?
Thanks, CanadaDBA
Try to configure Network Client (SQL Tools) using alias (point to B) and port 3537.
Luis Martin
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Ensure the same port is defined on Server network utility for instance B. Satya SKJ
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