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Connecting 2 sql servers

How to connect 2 sql servers which are in different locations? Both these sql servers having internet connection. Is it possible? I know the database name, username and password for the other server. Thanks
i think u want to register a new sql server registeration.
by that u can connect both sql server running in different locations by TCP/IP. Open EM. Under SQL Server Group register new SQL Server Registration.
Follow the simple Wizard.
and register the name of new SQL server.
Do you need to run queries joining tables from both servers? If so see "Configuring Linked Servers" in BOL. to answer your question. Satya SKJ
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I just want to see the contents of the databse using my query analyser. I have my server at my office location. How do I access another server which is in another location (different city)? I download Microsoft SQL Web data administation. But that is also not connecting. I need your help badly. Thanks
Query analyser is client tool so it can be installed even without installing local mssql server. You need network connection to remote sql server and proper connection string: userName+password for mssql server authentication or login created on remote sql server with proper permissions to use window authentication. Off course you need to know server (+instance if any) name or server IP address (+instance name if any). I hope I’ve got right what you are asking for this time.
Are you on the same WAN as the remote server? If not, you could set up a VPN connection over the internet that lets you logon to the LAN of the remote server – check with the network people in your organisation. If you are on the same WAN, ping <domain><server> or ping <IP address> to see if you get any response. If not, check with the network people in your organisation.
Hi Adriaan We ar not on the same network. I have assigned a public ip. They can able to ping my machine ip address. But if they try to connect using the same ip address in the query analyser window, it is giving an error message saying server does not exist. Wht they have to give in the user name? Is it the ip address or the sql server name? or both? If so how? Thanks
The problem was that you were unable to connnect to the remote server, right? For the server installations, are we talking about default instances, or named instances? I’m no network expert, but you probably need to have a VPN up and running. Leave it to the network experts before trying to see through Mt Everest.
regarding network issues if the remote machine can ping ur machine and getting reply in bytes that means ur machine sql server can be connected.<br />if by assigning IP address in connection u r not getting connected then try to connect by giving User name, it will automatically be converted in IP.<br /> give the login name and password to connect to SQL server.<br /><br />like the one….<br />if windows authentication then<br /><br />Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;Integrated Security=SSPI<img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-4.gif’ alt=’;P’ />ersist Security Info=False;Initial Catalog=database_name;Data Source=SQL_machineName<br /><br />else if sa login then<br />Provider=SQLOLEDB.1<img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-4.gif’ alt=’;P’ />ersist Security Info=False;User ID=sa;Initial Catalog=database_name;Data Source=SQL_server_machineName<br /><br />