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Connecting to an Instance

Hi, I’ve installed sql2005 as named instance(instance name:sql, and no other instances exists in the server). I have sql1, sql5 & sql_test db’s on the instance. When i connect to the server from client as below it gets connected successfully Connection Name Status Displayed servername @ Object explorer in SSMS
servername connected servername
servernamesql connected servernamesql
servernamesql123 connected servernamesql123
servernamesqlabcd connected servernamesqlabcd
servernamesqltest connected servernamesqltest Actually i have only one instance on the server but by connecting above its get connected as an seperate instance. When i run @@servername on all the above connections it shows the server name correctly as servernamesql for all the connection. My question is here that why im able to connect if i give the instance name as above and it doesnt state that the server doesnt exists. It connects as seperate instance but actually pointing to the existing instance. I think this never happened in sql 2000. Can anyone explain me how this happens??
Have you managed to specify any ALIAS with different name for the same SQL instance?
What was the name you have stated when installing as a named instance? Satya SKJ
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I have already mentioned the instance name above and its sql. I didnt created any alias for the mentioned instance. Sagar
I believe you have more than one instance… Check computer management/services to see how many instances running…
you can use SQL Server configuration Manger to see how many instances running…
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