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Connection failed check sql server registration pr

when i click on the firstinstance of my sql server to see its tree view im getting this message."Connection failed check sql server registration properties.".I tried to reconnect it but no use.What to do now?
the message implies… connection with sql server cld not b established.
restart ur sql server EM or ur application.
if not solved, edit sql server registration properties. if not solved, delete and re create new sql server registration.
try logging off and re login in ur OS.
I deleted registration properties and tried to register the server again .But this time I am getting the following err ‘sqlserver doesnot exist or access denied.[]Connection open[]’.I noticed that This problem is comming with windows authentication only.
When i edited the registration properties and opt for sql server authentication its working fine.Whats wrong with windows authentication?
Access is denied with windows User name as the windows user does not have administrator rights. change user rights to access the new sql server from domain controller
Check this KBA;EN-US;Q328306 about whole lot of reasons behind it.
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