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connection pool monitoring ?

When I run perfmon, I can select an instance of ".Net Data Provider for SqlServer" to add to the graph. Now I would like to capture that info for all sqlserver connectionpools.
Offcourse, these pools are added/dropped dynamicaly and therefor the static perfmon does not do well enough. So i would like to capture these data using WMI or system.managemt .Net namespace. When I launch a WMI-query "Select * from Win32_PerfFormattedData_NETDataProviderforSqlServer_NETDataProviderforSqlServer"
it says class not found / object not found. [V][xx(][B)] How can I capture these data [?][?][?]
The thing that went wrong is that I was still aiming to use QMI, whilst .Net 2.0 has such a great system.diagnostics namedspace !