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Connection time out when domain is different

When the sql server is a different domain in the network, the client connecting to the server gets time out error. All the machines are over the same LAN. The problem started when the client machine is moved to another building. The networks are connected through BackBone optic fibre 2MBPS. What could be the reason for this issue? Is there any way to solve this?
Check the network libraries in use are still applicable.
Can the client ping the server? Could it be theres a firewall between the two?
True, check thru whether you can ping the server.
Also make sure to have consistent net-libraries on server and client. BTW< what is the exact error flashed?
Also check thru Netadmin whether any issues on network. _________
Satya SKJ

Network libraries are ok. Yes, the client can ping the server. There is no firewall. From the client the shared folders of the server can be connected. The client can also connect to SQL servers in the same domain, but in the other building.
Moved the topic from Performance thread to general thread. Try connecting using IP addres of the server rather than the mahine name. How are you trying to connect to SQL Server? Windows / SQL Authentication. Gaurav
try using the full dns name of the server (, or the full AD name
Also experiment to see if you can connect manually using Query Analyser.
Get status from Network Admin and see any issues or drop of packets. See whether you can map drives on SQL Server and between them. _________
Satya SKJ

On the SQL Server CD there is a command tool called odbcping.exe. Try it and see what errors it reports and post them here. You use it like this:
odbcping -s servername -u sqllogin – p sqlpassword Try with both name and ip address as servername. Also verify that the sql server can ping the client and not only vice versa. /Argyle