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connection to Mssql database

i am using mssql server2k as backend for website. i want to transfer my tables(db) which r on local server to web server. currently i am using dialup connection & connecting to db on webserver & using using import/export method i m transfering my tables from local db to webserver db. In our office we r having broadband connection , we r using proxy connection. can any one tell me how to register webserver’s db through proxy. i using method new server registration & in that i m giving IP address of webserver & also userid ,passwd of sql server db ,but it is not connecting. if i use same technique through direct connection(via dial up)then it is registering the server. also one more query
when i am using import/export for tranfering the tables,it is distroying properties of tables like it removes primary key or it makes fields which r having numeric data type,it is converting to decimal. can any one tell me solution of this.
i refer you to read below links :…5092765e49fab9e?sa=X&oi=groupsr&start=0&num=3
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