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connectionstring gets populated unwillingly

I hav eplaced an expression for the flat file connection as below @[User::FileDirectory] + @[User::FileName] This is supposed to be used instead of the ConnectionString property of the flat file connection. You can see that I have created two variables. The variable
@[User::FileDirectory] is set to the directory. i.e. I have hardcoded the path to it and assigned it to this variable. The variable @[User::FileName] is picked up automatically. The question is: When I go to the properties of the flat file connection, I delete the value inside the connectionstring property becuase there is now the expression which is set to the connectionstring.
But when I come back to this property then I am not sure why the connectionstring property gets populated with the directory that I hardcoded to the variable. Many thanks
Have you assigned any default value while creating these variables?