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Cons to connecting to SQL server with Access

Hello. I’ve been researching for the last couple days trying to compile a list of the cons to using Access Forms to connect to a SQL Server Database. A long story short – I’ve been making an application in VB 6 (they wanted that instead of .NET) to work with a SQL Server database my client had designed for them. Now there is another company saying they could create a brand new application in Access Forms. As part of my proposal I’m trying to compile a list of Cons to using Access vs VB. I would appreciate any help. Thank you. Matthew
To be honest I can’t think of many pros or cons as long as in both instances:
– you only use stored procedures to interact with the database
– all FK, PK and other constraints, etc. are implemented in the database
– all parameters are passed as properly bound variables and not appended into a sql statement failing to do both of the above results in a compromising of security and possibly integrity in the database BUT I’d suspect that they want to just attach an Access database front-end to SQLServer, which will compromise security and is likely to result in lower performance (due to Access’ weirdly generated statements unless properly managed) Cheers
Yeah that’s about all I have been able to find online. Oh well – I guess I’ll just have to convince them that I can finish the application and it will be better then anything that can be made in Access. Thanks. matthew