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convert or copy sql database

Hi friends I am new to this forums, if posting in wrong one please sorry & some admin can then move it to correct one. I want a copy of present database (SQL Server 2000) to MS Access onto a diff machine.
I am not sure how do i go ahead with that. As my client is running SQL Server 2000 database with some million records, I have to make a small prog in VB to do some tasks, for that I need to have column details with some data – not all for programing, is there anyway I can copy or export the database form the main SQL Server 2000 so that I can use it on my machine??? Tried searching many places but no luck. Hope I will get some here.. Thanks in advance friends..

You can use DTS Import/Export Wizard to copy DB objects with data from SQL server to
MS-Access. check this link to follow basic steps:
SQL DTS import and export wizard makes database objects/data migration easy to Access database. There are a few hassle free steps to accomplish this task: – Open Enterprises manager
select database
Right click on database and go to "all task"
Invoke "Export data" In Export wizard…. choose you data source
In choose you destination… Select "Microsoft Access"
Give your Access database details, where you want to export data. I guess, after then steps are self-explanatory.
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You can even try this:
Without opening Enterprise Manager
open run command and type dtswiz and the DTS wizard screen will pop up.
Perform rest of the task as mentioned by Deepak or read the link KBA in my last post.
Are you asking how to copy the database from your main server to your local dev machine?
If so, have a look here:;EN-US;314546 In case you’re going with DTS export, make sure you build the indexes in Access after the export.
AFAIK, won’t the wizard to this for you. —
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thanks guys for such a quick help…
really very much appreciated…