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Cookies question

I am working on a database designed with SQL & ASP technology. I have used similar code to below for sorts but now get a ‘type Mismatch’ error for below. If Request.Querystring("cName") <> "" AND Request.Querystring("sortOrder") <> "" Then
createSortUsersCookie Request.Querystring("sortOrder"),Request.Querystring("cName")
End If If Request.Cookies(Session("UID")&"sortOrderUsers")("cName") = "" Then
cName = "uLastName"
sortType = "ASC"
cName = Request.Cookies(Session("UID")&"sortOrderUsers")("cName")
sortType = Request.Cookies(Session("UID")&"sortOrderUsers")("sortType")
End If Does anyone have any suggestions?
I don’t see any SQL related error here and mostly you will get relevant reply when you look for help on an ASP forum. Satya SKJ
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I think the error must be in createSortUsersCookie function
Check that again.
Actually it was an SQL error. Turned out I was an airhead and did not define the SQL statement to read the ‘cname’ field and had instead defined a sort option within the SQL statement.