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Copy a DB from one server to the other

I have a DB on a remote server. I want to have a copy of it on my local server. If I backup from the remote, then the backup file would be on remote server and I have to FTP the file to my local server and then Restore. Is there any other way to copy directly from remote server to local server using Enterprise manager? Thanks,
Did you look at DTS? But the dump and restore has got to be the best way…I actually have jobs set up to that on a nightly basis… I don’t even have to think about it anymore… I even set it up to check the create dfate of the dump..if it’s not from the right date…I stop the process and net send myself a message… Brett :cool:
Actually, I wanted to do the job, once. I could do it using export data wisard. Thanks Brett for reply.

Ensure the SQL service account does have necessary permission to access your local server as its on same network, otherwise the job will fail due to lack of permissions. I would go with backup/restore solution than DTS tool as you required whole copy of database. Satya SKJ
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