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Copy function from one DB to other DB

Hi All, I have 10 functions located in DatabaseI. I need to copy those functions in other database called databaseII. How to copy those functions from DatabaseI to DatabaseII.
Thank u With Regards Aruna Mathew
Script it & run it on the other DB
or run this in one DB; copy the result and change to other Db and run there
select text from syscomments C
inner join sysobjects S on where S.xtype=’Fn’
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I would rather choose scripting method that accessing the system tables intermittently. Satya SKJ
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Madhivanan, The "text" column from syscomments is actually just 4000 characters wide. If the script is longer than 4000 characters, then the definition of the object is recorded on multiple rows – just look at the colid column. So at the least, your suggestion should also include an ORDER BY [id], [colid].
… and there’s always the problem of words broken off at the end of the 4000 characters, continuing on the next row.
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