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Copy Right Issue

The site has a primary Client and primary sql server. The company I work for supplies software (purchased from ICONICS ) which creates the initial database with pre-set permissions and roles. The Customer wanted a parallel system which if the primary client goes down, a secondary client would send the data to a secondary server. I created a database on the secondary box and restored from the primary server backup. I then created new permissions, rolls, ODBC connections, etc…. Thier argument is the tables and user defined functions belong to ICONICS and we would have to purchase a second software package.
Query: Can I manipulate the tables, or even create new views, Sp’s, defined functions for the customer or is this database protected and customization of the db forbiden. Note: My intent is not to copy any such software and the customer will purchase the extra software if needed. The software creates the database. I am just wondering who owns the db. sorry about the long winded question and not sure if i am in the correct forum. Thanks
Depends on how restrictive the licensing is. I think in any case the purchaser is entitled to make back-up copies of software (not only data). However setting up a fallback system is probably considered a second installation and as such is probably not covered under the license.
The best thing is to contact the vendor directly in these issues, sometime Licensing policy differs from vendor to vendor. Satya SKJ
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