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Copying stored procedures

I’d like to know what would be the best way of moving more than 300 stored procedures from one database to another database. The databases are in two different servers. Try to avoid using copy and paste since it would take long time to move 300+ stored procedures. Any input will be appreciated. Thanks.
One way is to script all sp using EM and recreate in new server using QA.
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You can use Enterprise Manager to copy the objects. Right-click on the source DB, All Tasks, Export Data. Follow the wizard and uncheck "Copy all objects", click on Options.. and choose the stored procedures.
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I would also script them out and apply that script on the other server, but I think there is also some DTS task with which you can transfer database objects. —
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Scripting them out is only best method where you can keep the source code and make necessary changes whenever required to apply, also you can use version control if in doubt about anyone changes. Satya SKJ
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