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Core 2 D Max deg of parallelism

Hi folks ,I have a desktop with Intel (core 2 D) Dual core processor with win XP pro.and sql 2005 standard edn Can I configure max degree of parallelism to ‘1’ or ‘2 ‘on this.Does core 2 D means 2 processor,as when I check the performance tab of task manager it shows 2 processor running
I would assume two cores equals two processors. It can run, but does not equal, 64 bit operation.
How many processors you see in Task Manager?
If you see two then you configure to 1 or 2….
Even if you have single processor you can configure parallalism to more than one but sql will ignore the configuration… Note: All queries will not use more than one processor even it is configured more than one… it is depends on cost threashold…
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