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Correct fillfactor

I have a table with a indentiy colum as primary key. There are anothers 2 indexes in others columns
I will only insert data in that table. I’ll never update or delete rows from there. Should I use the fillfactor or/and pad_index in that indexes? Anothers tables that has normal operations (insert, update, delete) I use fillfactor= 85% and pad_index. Tanks
Ésio Nunes Esio Nunes
Since its identity and primary key, Ive to assume this field is also the clustered index. Effectively you will only ever append data to the very last page, and so in this case setting a fill factor would serve no benefit. Fill factor on the non clustered indexes cannot be estimated without knowing more about the index and how distributed its inserted values are likely to be in relation to existing data.
Just out of curiosity:
If you are only adding rows to the table..
why do you actually have two more non-clustered indexes? As I see it:
-A table rows are only inserted
-Rare Select statements on it. Solution:
-Clustered index on identity primary key
-Fill factor 99%
-Exclude table from Reindexing in Maintenance plan Am I wrong?
With those hypothesis, you are rigth.
Luis Martin