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I am working on several SQL 2000 systems that have corruption. I believe the issue is the results of my company putting the datafiles on SAN units as several of our databases will require a terabyte of space in the next year or so. My question is how do you handle systems that require this much space without getting corrupt? Also, how do I corrupt a SQL 2000 database that I may practice my recovery skills? Or, how do I run SQL with the datafiles being on a network drive, since I don’t have an extra SAN units just lying around? Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi there, The SAN units, controllers and other hardware are all on the HCL for the OS you installed? Database corruption should be an extremely rare event, usually caused by a hardware error, sudden power outage or other type of unexpected problem. a 1TB database is getting to the larger area, but by no means a huge database. If you do have to/want to split it, then you could look at putting tables in their own databases (but not a decision to be taken lightly! recoverability being one consideration) The other option is too look at using multiple filegroups There is a trace flag 1807 which must be set on startup to allow network files to be used for databases (see…port/kb/articles/q304/2/61.asp&NoWebContent=1) BUT as the article says you may get more corruptions due to SQL assuming that once it hands off a write to the device it expects it to succeed. Write caching can provide this only if it has a battery backup and it guarantees that writes will be done in the same order As for corrupting a database… I don’t know of a way to intentionally cause a corruption… Cheers
Thank you for your response. The SANs that we are using are included in the HCL. I am avoiding putting any tables in their own databases at this time and I am currently using at least 9 filegroups per database. Thank you for the trace flag information. I am will be using this trace to create a test database with corruption by turning on this flag and putting the datafiles on the network. Then I will play with the network cables until I get corruption. Then I will work on different recovery techniques. I will be trying this within the next few hours.