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Count(*) and Sp_spaceused

Why does Count(*) and sp_spaceused rows count is different for some tables? I used Dbcc updatausage to corrects pages and row count inaccuracies , still i see the difference. How could i make it even? Thanks
Got it, When i used Dbcc updateusage with Count_rows it works. Thanks
BOL: sp_spaceused [[ @objname = ] ‘objname’ ]
[,[ @updateusage = ] ‘updateusage’ ] exec sp_spaceused @updateusage = ‘updateusage’
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What it does is to update the mismatached rows with sysindexes and sysbjects. Satya SKJ
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In any case, the rowcount returned by sp_spaceused isn’t guranteed to always match the *exact* real rowcount, at any given time. If an absolute rowcount is necessary (within the isolation level), then
SELECT COUNT(*) FROM myTable is the only accurate method. Hence there may be differences from time to time between sp_spaceused and select count(*) /Kenneth
thanks for reply. Emamuthu