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Counting rows

I’m trying to display a value for 0.
Aplication in question is Dashboard call tracking software. When I run: SELECT count( Chats_Holding, cu.queue, max(DateDiff(s, cu.created_date, GETDATE())) waitTime FROM sprt_chat_users cu, sprt_chat_users_info cui WHERE cu.last_modified > DateAdd(s, -90, GetDate()) AND (cu.status = ‘waiting’ or cu.status= ‘escalate’) AND cu.user_type=’user’ AND cui.user_name = cu.user_name AND = AND cu.queue like ‘%hotel%’ GROUP BY cu.queue In SQL, it returns 0, which it should return 0 because nothing is returned; But within Dashboard it is returning what seems to be a null value because nothing is displayed. Is there a way to have 0 reflected as a null value if the value is 0? The results have to appear in a form so I’d like some value listed if 0 is the value.

Weird requirement, but … SELECT CASE WHEN count( = 0 THEN NULL ELSE count( END Chats_Holding,