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CPU usage by query

I wanted to know how can I get the server CPU percent usage by
a query. I want to write a stored procedure that returns the current
cpu percent.
(same percent that is displayed by the windows Task Manager on the server)
I couldn’t understand how can retrieve it from sysprocesses table.
I guess you have to use performance monitors-> export to excel-> load it into tables->query from SP. i know this is a very lengthy process. but i couldnt think of a better one… Thanks,
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you might take a look at the reports in SSMS. I think they have this information. They are in the summary page, under the "Report" drop down. Which reports are available depend on the type of node that’s selected in OE. Select a server node in OE, and you’ll see a bunch of reports that start with "Performance". Those may help you. To see what queries they are running (they all go agaist the DMVs) you can download the reports here (or just run profiler):
http://blogs.msdn.com/sqlrem/archive/2006/08/30/SSMS_Reports_3.aspx (look for "SSMS Standard Reports.zip" on that page) hope this helps!
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