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CPU usage of SQL server

We need to run periodically a script that currently uses 100% of CPU. The problem is that because the high use of CPU it does not let other application to work correctly, they work very slowly. The script takes about 10 hours to finish. Is there a way to decrease the use of SQL server CPU, let say to 50%, so we can give some CPU “space” for other applications.

I don’t think you can actually limit the amount of CPU usage without the danger of the process being terminated if it exceeds it. I think there are other options that I’m not too clued on if you have multiple processors though. Cheers
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As trifunk said, you can’t manipulate CPU usage, other than telling SQL Server not to use a CPU if more than one is available, which doesn’t apply to your situation. Your best bet is to performance tune the queries in the script, or to get bigger hardware. ——————
Brad M. McGehee
If you have a dual processor, for example, you can specify that SQL use only one processor while the other apps use the other processor. Do this in the SQL Properties/Settings dialog box. ———-
T Kelley
And also try running that script in batches rather as a whole thing which is hacking CPU. HTH Satya SKJ