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Creating application roles in Sql server

We have SQL 2000 as well 2005, what are the primery things needs to be done ? & how is the strong securities we can apply on this servers. Thanks in adv. Raj
Others may disagree with me, but based on my personal experience, application roles aren’t the best way to control security for an application. It requires that you not only create an application role, but a login ID for the application. Also, the password of the application role has to be embedded in your application, which sometimes can be problematic. I avoid application roles and use SQL Server or Windows Authentication instead, the are much easier, from my point of view, to work with. ——————————–
Brad M. McGehee, SQL Server MVP
Agree with Brad in the case of Application roles, as they are not handy in all the cases. on the security best practices. Satya SKJ
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