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Creating log for a package

Hi, I am creating a package which transfers the data from paradox tables to a SQL server 2005 database and then from this databse it will transfer the recrods to another database with use of some procedures. I want to create log for this package, the log should contain transfer information as well as the errors and messages printed during the excution of the procedures. I want the log in file(any txt, doc etc.) Does anyone know how I can do this.
Pls do let me know about your openions and suggestions. Warm Regards!
I’m not sure I understand your question. If you are interested in the way how you can log package execution here it is: 1. Open the package and right click on "the whit space". Then select "Package properties" and click on the "Logging" tab.
2. You can log separately each "Trasform Data Task". Just open the task and click on Options tab. Then browse the folder and type in the exception file name.
This is the preferred method, if you want any other information then you should control/manage with the code on the pacakge. Refer to books online for further information on logging. Satya SKJ
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