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creating SSIS packages

I am looking forward to creating SSIS packages similar to the DTS package I had in SQL Server 2000. I have a package that uses an active X script to pull data from a remote server. This then sends an e-mail either on success or failure. I am confused as there are 4 tabs in SSIS designer: Control FLow
Data Flow
Event Handler
Package execution Do I have to create the package in all the four. Once these SSIS package is created, I want to schedule them (like in SQL server 2000). Any help is much appreciated. Thanks, StarWarsBigBang
No, you don’t have to create in all 4. Control flow is the main screen, if you use a data flow task in the control flow, then you can do more things in the data flow tab. Think of the data flow tab as a child of the control flow.