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Creating the ODBC Logs Table

I need to know what is going on with our webserver.
I created basic table (found it in …system32->> directory)and was able successfully redirect log files to write info to sQl server.
But now i would like to collect as much info as possible. Does somebody has complete structure of the table (script) to do this?
What is the table structure you’ve created found from system32 directory?
I believe using DTS you can import those log files in CSV or tab delimited format into a table. Apologies if I haven’t understand your question properly, brief information will help to asses. Satya SKJ

I created this table
create table inetlog (
ClientHost varchar(255), username varchar(255),
LogTime datetime, service varchar( 255), machine varchar( 255),
serverip varchar( 50), processingtime int, bytesrecvd int,
bytessent int, servicestatus int, win32status int,
operation varchar( 255), target varchar(255), parameters varchar(255) )
as suggested in IIS help I will try to export file from text log to SQL but will it give me correct fild datatype and size
Test it by importing using DTS from IIS Log and you can see the difference. Satya SKJ