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creation indexes

if i get a task like that to create index on table what index i should create first on table why? what is difference between dbcc rebuild indes and dbccdefragment ? SRJ2005
As far I know there is no dbcc defragment. To find out how fragmented you tables are, I suggest to read your question in : About rebuild indexes (DBCC DBREINDEX) has the following options: DBCC DBREINDEX
( ‘database.owner.table_name’
[ , index_name
[ , fillfactor ]
) [ WITH NO_INFOMSGS ] So, you can defrag any index in any table or defrag all indexes in all databases (using maintenance plan), but is not usefull to defrag indexes with lest than 85% of fragmentation.
What I do is to run one store procedure (written by Tom Pullen and you can find it in articles) to defrag only those indexes with fragmentation below 85 ( in Tom procedure you can define that %). You can create a job with that sp and run it in windows time, said 3 times a week. Luis Martin
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