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Cube Size

I have a cube on my AS and was wondering, how could i see the Cube size? I.E no of rows etc. Appreciated some input here.
You can look at the complete database size through SSMS.
In ssms, connect to as server and right click the AS DB in which you have created the cube and select properties.
Cube does not store data row by row, it actually stores aggreagations based on measure groups you have in the cube and actual combination data in different files.
You can look at the storage location for kinds of files it creates.
Finally it creates different archived files for all dimesnions.

In addition to Ranjit’s reply above, I also suggest to go throught the books online for SQL 2005 for HOW TO topics in this case to get complete inormation. Satya SKJ
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Hello Ranjit, Thanks for your answer. I did take a look at my AS DB and i found out that, my DB size is 600 MB. But this db has many cubes created under and i was wondering, Is there a way to measure, how big is each cube and keep a track of the growth per month? Appreciated your input.
as you have created many cubes, in that case better look into storage location.
If you have not specified any storage location then all cubes will be created under default directory in AS DB named folder.
Default folder i.e. Datadir can be found by looking at server datadir property.
Each cube will have its own set of folders.
You can look at the property of each cube folder for classified size.