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daily Copy production database to other server

Hi, I have a Production sql 2000 database.
Users often query that database. Database has autogrow file option disabled. I am adding space as needed.
Tempdb on that server has also autogrow option disabled. I am planing to move data from that server to other server(dedicated Warehouse),
so users do not overload production server with their queries. I guess, because the autogrow option is disabled, configuring replication is not
a very good idea? Plus I think vendor wouldn’t like it as well. Basically I cannot deside between log shipping and DTS packages. Could you please suggest?
Thank you
When you build dw, you usually restructure data to better fit reporting requirements. In that case you can’t use log shipping. Also, log shipping makes stand-by db inaccessable during log restore.
Then I guess no choice but DTS-package. If I create that package on Warehouse Server – not on production,
It shouldn’t take a resources from the Production?
I particularly thinking about tempdb.

think about the possibility of backup/restore too. easy to automate. Tom Pullen
DBA, Oxfam GB
Actually if you want to have the same structure, log shipping is possible (or backup/restore mentioned by thomas). You only have to restore (logs in case of log shipping) during off-hours. If dts package is running on destination server it will use its tempdb.
Thank you guys, Just talked to my boss: 1 day behind for reporting is ok.
So will use restore of the database nightly.
Thank you
I always incline towards log shipping rather than using DTS for the task that is important in the terms of database availability. And its easy to setup the LS… piece of cake. Satya SKJ
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