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Data reconciliation

"Data reconciliation routines are typically integrated into commercially available software packages that look for evidence of tampering, errors, or omissions.) Are data reconciliation routines used by FinanceDB, or the server housing e-PHI data for FinanceDB to ensure the integrity of e-PHI? " Hi anyone have any idea what they are talkin about.This is a mail i got.Where FinanceDB is a database name. I am not sure whts *Data reconciliation,*reconciliation routines,*e-PHI,*integrity of e-PHI. Please anyone brief me this or tel me some good article for this . Thank you

In the generic terms reconcilation includes managing data at one place and in order to accomplish that you must not dilute or compromise any sort of security aspects and business rules. HIPAA regulations cover both security and privacy. Security and privacy are distinct, but related. The Security rule focuses on administrative, technical and physical safeguards specifically as they relate to electronic PHI (ePHI). Protection of ePHI data from unauthorized access, whether external or internal, stored or in transit, is all part of the security rule. – guidelines for physical security. HTH Satya SKJ
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Thanks a lot satya, I will refer that link .THank you