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data replication software

Is using of Double-Take or similar type of software, for SQL Server databases replication advisable? I am most concern about the software interfering into the IO path and the possibility of data corruption and performance degradation on the source server.

Hi It all depends. If the server you a going to be copying the software to lives in the same room then there is not much point. Double take is primarily for creating a copy of the database at an alternative location and using the software provided to allow for failure of your existing database. The software then registers this failure and effectively becomes your failed server. All your programs then see this server and carry on working. When I tested this software I did not see any obvious performance issues, (and as soon as my larger line to my offsite storage goes live I will be using it full time) and the support offered by the company is really good. However a few more details like how many transactions a day, how large is the existing database, how much does it grow by a day/week and what hardware is it sitting on would help me give a better answer.

Have you tried default clustering/log shipping/replication from SQL SErver.
If you want to provide high availability or disaster recovery to the databases the above features are available and I’m not clear why you want to use third party tool in this regard. Satya SKJ
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