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Data type

Hi, I’m new to SQL Server, I’m doing DTS data transfer but when I checked my table I’m getting NULL values on some rows on a specific column. I deleted the table, import it again but I’m getting the same result. Previous data transfer I did, I have no problem. One more thing, data type in TDS is nvarchar and size is 255 how can I increase it. I couldn’t import my comment column because of the size. I have to delete the comment column before importing it so I will not have error. How can I fix this? Thanks Ross
Either you create the table before setting up dts package with desired datatype and size and copy the data…
When you are configuring the dts package you will have the option to create the table and you modify the size of the columns…..
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Try using NTEXT in this case or if the value is not more than 8000 characters then you can make use of VARCHAR too. Satya SKJ
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