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Data Type problem MS Sql server 2k

I am developing one site, using asp as frontend & MS Sql server 2k as back end. there r some fields in my forms which takes informations in text ,that text can be 1page or 2pages etc. I want to store such a huge info in my table(datebase). Any one please suggest me which datatype i should use to store this info. At present i am using varchar with size 5000.
Is there any datatype like Memo.pls give me solution.
Memo of Access is text datatype in SQL Server. If you are trying to store huge text you can use text datatype Madhivanan Failing to plan is Planning to fail
Thank you Madhivanan for helping me.But tell me what size i should specify for text datatype,by default it takes 16. Also i want ask u is this datatype allocates huge memory in db. suppose the contents can be 4/5 lines or 1/2 pages, for all data it allocates same memory or it works like varchar means if data is less then it allocates that much memory.
pls reply me.

The 16 that you see is the 16 bytes for the BLOB root pointer. Don’t care about it (you can’t change it anyway). The TEXT data type is capable of storing up to 2 GB in each column. Check this out: Btw, as you are developing something new. The SQL Server 2000 BLOB data types are being deprecated. They still exist in SQL Server 2005, but MS will remove them in a future version. They are replaced by the new VARCHAR(MAX) and VARBINARY(MAX). If you intend to move to SQL Server 2005 you should consider this in your development work. —
Frank Kalis
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thanx to both of u for helping me.
with respect to same topic i am having one more query. i am using asp as front end & ma sql as back end.In one table i ve taken text as data type. Name of the table is "requirement".my table structure is as follows col name data type
reqid numeric
cid int
desigid int
desc text
funid int
when i am writing query in front end for displaying records of "requirement" table like select * from requirement & using recordset i am displaying the record. but i am facing new problem it is showing funid as blank, but there is value present in table.if i change datatype of "desc" column text to varchar & run query(in asp page)then it is showing me the value of funid.this is happening in another tables also. please tell me solution of it.