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Data Types in SQL Server 2000

We are using MS SQL 2005 server for development purpose where where I have a table content field datatype varbinary(max) but I think (max) is not acceptable in MS SQL Server 2000. Our production server is MS SQL Server 2000. Could anybody tell me what is the similar datatype for varbinary(max) for MS SQL Server 2000. Regards
VARCHAR(MAX) replaces the TEXT data type. Only problem is that the TEXT data type has a lot of deficiencies such as not being able to group by it.
It depends on what for you are using Varbinary(max)…
If it is using for text then use TEXT datatype, if you are using for documents/images then use IMAGE datatype… Generally Varbinary(max) is used for documents/images…
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There is a section in SQL 2005 books online for changes in the data types, refer to them also. Satya SKJ
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If you want to store files/images in server, refer this Madhivanan Failing to plan is Planning to fail
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